November 05, 2016


Almost all points/places of major interest are free in Iceland. So just grab your car and hit the road: it will be as magical as you can imagine taking a quick look at the list of places to see below.

The map represents my personal tour made by car in ten days with stopovers signed for each night. Hope that helps.


October 07, 2016

Before you hit the road to Iceland, take a look at these tips and perhaps your journey will get even better, as you'll already be prepared for any kind of situation. Bon voyage.


October 01, 2016


Recently I've caught myself thinking how strange it is why some places become extremely popular so that you find thousands and thousands of photos of them: everyone runs to take the best place in time, there's freedom for elbowing in and you even hear requests to move your camera or at least your body. It's crazy. And then on the same beaten path you see the most wonderful things that no-one else except you considers. But sometimes another funny thing happens: you get literally copied by others in making photos in those isolated places that everyone just 5 seconds ago was ignoring. This makes you smile as you were able to make others discover "hidden" pearls that were just under their noses.

This is not the case of Kirkjufell, of course. It's exactly the place the everyone knows about, so be ready for a big crowd and come earlier, if you want to take a picture of it without others in your camera. You'll find it on the Road 54, quite far away from the main Road 1, but not too far to make you stop dreaming about seeing it, so just hit the road, head to Snæfellsnes Peninsula and stop just after Grundarfjördur town - you won't take your eyes off of this gorgeousness.


September 27, 2016


While travelling in Iceland you'll notice how lucky you can be if you get to see a wonderful sunset at the end of the day even if it's been raining earlier. It's not something to be taken for granted, even if it's summer time, for the weather is unpredictable and rains quite a lot. Nevertheless, the hope is always the last to die, and sometimes there it is - the so much awaited Golden Hour.

As our day started in Flateyri with the calmness after the storm and a beautiful sunlight, a stormy but sunny weather in Raudasandur beach later on, it then got rainy in Látrabjarg Cliffs, therefore we couldn't be much happier than having a wonderful sunset by the sea after all. 
Just take a look at that light and colours as the wind is playing with sand lifting it up in a sort of small storm right on the seashore. What a nice way to end the day. At the very end of the island, of the country, of the world, it seems.

The same Road 612 that brings you to the majestic Látrabjarg Cliffs where cute puffins live, 12 km earlier it will make you stop at this little "village" called Breiðavík, where a hotel with a restaurant, a campsite and a church lie. The best way to spend your time here is just walk and enjoy the sunset while recalling that pleasant meeting with puffins just some kilometers away.


July 30, 2016


The day started in Flateyri, driving through fjords, giving a look at Dynjandi waterfall and finally arriving to the lowest part of Westfjords. In their southern part after kilometers of gravel road 614 a black, red roofed church will be as a sign for leaving your car to rest a little bit, while you're going to have your stroll on the red Rauðasandur beach. It is called so because of broken shells on the shore, but that day it was all white because of... sand, obviously. To tell the truth, it was yellow which I liked much better, for the colour was so intense and vibrant, and as it's usually all black in Iceland, it was something Mediterranean beaches alike.

And, oh, yes, sheep have never left this country. The Three Little Pigs and company. What an adorable company, indeed. Not so often you may see sheep walking freely by the seashore and passing their day on the beach, but remember that you're visiting an extraordinary country with lots of surprises.


July 25, 2016


Remember I was talking about something odd in the previous post? Before arriving to a lovely village Flateyri, in the north-western part of Iceland, and which we were travelling from Ísafjörður to, a tremendous and terrific storm came up. The wind was so strong that the rain drops seemed to be glass shivers on your face, literally. The most horrible sensation you can ever have, more or less. I am used to windy weather and tempests, but this time I felt my face was going to be seriously injured. Fortunately, nothing of the kind happened, but the wind was really very strong, I was even afraid for our car to move and drown in the harbour.

But after the storm the sun will shine - that's how they say, right? And this was what exactly happened the morning after. The same morning after, during a calm and pleasant walk in the harbour, only for two seconds I managed to see a kind of brown ermine trying to steal fish from the harbour. Little cute thief. In the end it was a nice place to have your breakfast at, even if raw fish and with no table arranged. Sashimi for breakfast right at the harbour, why not?